Master in Finance and Banking

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Requisitos de acceso: The Masters course has been specifically designed for international young professionals with a high development potential and a strong profile in the financial and banking area.

The participants' performance and professional profile are monitored during the Master, with the possibility of the
students being recruited upon completion for an internship in one of the sponsor institutions. Our goal is to help the participant join the most reputable financial institutions via a fast-track process.


The Master in Finance & Banking is the result of cooperation between Centro Internacional de Formación Financiera (CIFF), Santander ? the first bank worldwide in terms of stock value - and Universidad de Alcalá. This programme offers participants a brand-new training initiative which combines the possibility of working for the number one bank in the Euro zone -Santander Group- with being immersed in a learning process that leads to a promising career. At the end of the Masters, participants will be in a position to respond to the demand from global firms for dedicated professionals with specialised financial knowledge.

Throughout the programme, participants will receive a solid theoretical basis in topics such as corporate finance, risk management and capital markets. And on the practical level, they will be able to enhance their career opportunities through internship options within the Santander Group in Madrid HQ and third countries, BNP-Paribas and Madrid branches of other international banks and specialised firms.

We employ a practical teaching methodology based largely on the use of problem-solving and decision-making techniques, such as Harvard business school cases. Sophisticated financial and technological tools allow the participants to apply the theoretical knowledge gathered during the Masters course.

This programme pursues two main objectives: on one hand, to foster the participants' analytical understanding of finance and banking subjects and, on the other hand, to enable participants to master the decision-making process in uncertain environments. As the programme advances,
participants improve their management skills thanks to the strong interconnection between the topics dealt with in the programme, supported by business cases and tutorials guided by professionals in a multicultural setting.

CIFF is convinced that this training programme responds to the personal and professional needs of the candidates, as well as to those derived from the market, thus promoting the access of qualified personnel into the job market.
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The programme is divided into two academic terms, with a potential 6-month internship at the end of the second term, subject to the students passing the company's selection process.

The curriculum consists of:
- Core courses
- Elective courses
- Tutorials
- Final course project

Introductory course
- Introduction to International Accounting
- Introduction to Macroeconomics

Mandatory Subjects
1st Trimester
Introductory Course
Fixed & Variable Securities
Corporate Finance
Information Reporting
Financial Emerging Markets

2nd Trimester
Advanced Corporate Finance (including M&A)
Strategic Financial Management
Risk Management
Project Finance
Private Equity & Venture Capital
International Capital Markets
Corporate Governance & Business Ethics

3rd Trimester
Financial Marketing
Corporate Social Responsibility
Portfolio Management Theory
Trade & Investment in Banking
Leadership in the Banking sector
Elective subjects
Elective Subjects
- Corporate Law
- IT and operations in the financial sector
- Spanish bank and insurance system
- Microfinance
- Financial Software

Total: 1.750 hours (70 credits ECTS)

In ? company internship
One of the notable and innovative strengths of this Masters course is the recruiting process by which participants are given the possibility to engage in a 6-month in-company internship after the second semester. Tailored selection processes for all students will be carried out by the Human
Resources Department of Santander Group.

The internship provides an outstanding opportunity to join a prestigious company in its HQ or in one of its subsidiaries. CIFF offers candidates the possibility of carrying out internships at the sponsor institutions. Notwithstanding, internship assignments depend on the candidate's success in the selection process, availability of the wanted position, and the candidates' acceptance of the conditions.

Opportunity offered to all participants
? 6 months
? Full time
? Beginning: From July 2008. Some assignments can be taken earlier.
? Sponsor institutions: Santander in 20 countries (Europe & Latin America), BNP-Paribas and other firms with international reach.

Grants and Student Aid
Santander and Universidad de Alcalá offer Grants and Student Aid to Spanish, European and Latin American candidates, as well as to those from countries recently incorporated into the European Union (or about to be incorporated).

This financial aid will be offered to all those candidates complying with the requirements established by
the Study Programme, and based on criteria of academic excellence specifically defined by Santander Group and Universidad de Alcalá.

Furthermore, CIFF has signed various Agreements of Cooperation with different institutions in Latin
America, Europe and U.S., which aim to facilitate the exchange of students, lecturers and researchers among institutions.

Financial Assistance
Participants may take advantage of the very competitive loans offered by the Santander Bank in order to meet the course fees. The Master in Finance and Banking also offers financial aid based on academic and professional record.

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